A TRADITION OF QUALITY Our Soaps We only use food-quality vegetable or animal fats and oils in the production of our soaps, and we select all raw materials with painstaking care. We use no microplastics in any of our recipes. Moreover, a characteristic of bar soaps is that they need no preservatives [ … ]


THE NEW TREND FOR SKIN AND HAIR OUR SYNDETS In recent months, Syndets have become a plastic-free trend product as a replacement for liquid shampoos and conditioners. They’re ideal for washing hair and get good marks for their neutral to slightly acidic pH similar to that of our skin and are [ … ]


THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Our Combars Our combar recipes combine the benefits of natural soaps with those of syndets by mixing natural soap surfactants with modern surfactants in a combination bar. So it’s a kind of combined product. The soap content should be at least 10%. The pH is lowered [ … ]

Kappus at Retailers

WHERE CAN I GET MY FAVOURITE SOAP? OUR KAPPUS SOAPS AT RETAILERS Whether they use our doctor’s soap for frequent hand-washing, or they’re fans of our certified natural wellness line, or devotees of our romantic series, consumers love and appreciate our soaps for all kinds of uses. Perfectly tuned to their [ … ]