Kappus – Made in Germany since 1848

Welcome to the world of solid hygiene products.

These products consist of natural, biodegradable raw materials. More sustainability without long supply chains.

With over 200 highly motivated employees, we would be pleased to develop and produce your customised solid hygiene product.

Mio. Bars of Soaps per year
Factories in Germany: Heitersheim, Riesa & Kehl
Tons of soap base per year
Industry and retail customers
Export markets

Certified Quality

The finest raw materials and certified processes for greater sustainability and high-quality hygiene products. For nearly 175 years, that’s what we’ve stood for.





Made in Germany

With over 200 highly motivated employees we develop and produce your customised solid hygiene products for industry customers and cosmetic brands.


Riesa factory

Founded as “GEG Seifenfabrik” in 1911 by the consumers’ cooperatives, it was known as “Konsumseifenwerk Riesa” during the GDR era. As the GDR’s largest soap factory, it supplied all of eastern Germany and much of COMECON with its products. KAPPUS Seifen GmbH Riesa & Co. in Saxony was founded on 1 April 1992 by M. Kappus (founded in 1848) on the premises of “Konsumseifenwerk Riesa” and was incorporated into the newly founded KAPPUS GmbH in 2020. The factory focuses on the production of products for retail and industry customers. Its portfolio includes soap products such as toilet soaps, syndets, alkaline soaps, speciality soaps and bile soaps.

Our locations

Heitersheim factory

Founded in Heitersheim in 1887, Hirtler, along with the KAPPUS Group, had a long history as one of the last independent and successful mid-sized producers of bar soap in Europe until 2015. Hirtler was acquired in 2016 by the former KAPPUS Group and incorporated into the newly founded KAPPUS GmbH in 2020 as a production site. Today the KAPPUS site in Heitersheim produces soap products – including toilet soaps, syndets, combars, alkaline soaps, speciality soaps and soap base for industrial processors – for prestigious branded goods makers, trademarks, industry customers and private labels.

Our locations

Kehl factory

The KAPPUS Group’s newest production site is in Kehl (near the German city of Offenburg) and was founded over 40 years ago by ADA Cosmetics International GmbH, a medium-sized supplier of solid and liquid cosmetic products and dispensing systems. KAPPUS took over the site in early 2021. Kehl is a highly flexible development and production site designed for smaller quantities; it can provide expert service for the small-batch needs of industrial and commercial customers. Production there provides fulfilling work for people with handicaps. In addition to soap products such as toilet soaps, syndets, alkaline soaps, speciality soaps and natural cosmetics, the site’s portfolio also includes unique packaging solutions.

Soap since 1848

Our history

Since 1848 we have been lovingly and passionately developing and producing high-quality skin care and cleansing products – made in Germany.



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