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We only use food-quality vegetable or animal fats and oils in the production of our soaps, and we select all raw materials with painstaking care. We use no microplastics in any of our recipes. Moreover, a characteristic of bar soaps is that they need no preservatives – a clear advantage over liquid soap. In addition to common industrial soaps, we produce natural soaps with high natural material content, soaps with high organic content, and certified natural cosmetic and vegan soaps and speciality soaps.

Curd soap is a classic, a universal soap with a wide range of uses. Household curd soap is very good at cleaning sensitive materials and also ideal for pretreating heavily soiled laundry and stubborn stains. For daily skin care, it’s ideal for people with allergies since it contains no perfumes, colourants and preservatives. And its microplastic-free recipe and sustainable paper-based packaging are good for the environment.
Toilet soaps are generally superfatted, meaning they contain a certain amount of unsaponified vegetable oil, which is reputed to have added beneficial effects for the skin. With carefully selected ingredients, they are mild soaps that provide good skin care for daily washing.
With premium ingredients adapted to different kinds of sensitive facial skin, facial soap has a gentle, cleansing and soothing effect. For dry skin, vegetable oils are the preferred skin care component. Combination skin needs moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera, while herbal extracts like camomile and calendula are preferable for oily skin. Our facial soaps feature premium plant-based ingredients and oils and are kept as free of skin-irritating substances as possible.
An especially gentle soap, doctor’s soap is recommended for doctors, nurses and other users who need to wash their hands frequently. Its very soothing and nourishing composition makes it ideal for skin exposed to rough treatment. Its premium vegetable oils have a strong refatting effect on the skin, and its high glycerine content helps to retain skin moisture during use. As a rule, doctor’s soaps are free of perfumes or only lightly scented.

Natural cosmetics have become a major trend in recent years, with bar soap and shampoo bars particularly in demand. Certified natural cosmetics may only contain ingredients with a natural origin (natural, near-natural and nature-identical) and are regulated by standards defining how the raw materials are obtained and processed for production of the final product. The entire production process has to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Many controversial chemically synthesised ingredients – such as paraffins, silicones, PEG, synthetic perfumes and colourants, many preservatives, and microplastics – are banned in certified natural cosmetics.

Only a few synthetically produced materials, for example some pigments that are not naturally available in sufficient quantities, may be used. Animal testing is not allowed and the ingredients may not be irradiated.  Genetically modified organisms may not be used. And sustainable packaging and eco-friendly packaging management are required.

Especially mild, refatting and nourishing ingredients, including premium pure vegetable oils and plant extracts such as camomile and calendula provide gentle cleansing and loving skin care for tender, sensitive baby skin. This soap is also ideal for sensitive adult skin. Baby soaps are free of chemical additives and colourants, and contain no perfumes or are only very lightly scented.
We have decades of experience in the production of high-quality transparent soap. Its transparency is partly due to high glycerine content and the addition of sugar. Naturally moisturising glycerine and other high-quality ingredients gently cleanse and protect the skin.
Laundry soaps are mostly extra-superfatted household soaps with subtle fragrance and have a wide range of uses. Bile soap is produced by adding ox bile powder during production; it is especially effective against grease and protein-based stains. Its washing effect stems from the emulsifying properties of the salts contained in the ox bile acid. Mothers swear by it!
Our soap base production also includes a wide range of soap noodles based on certified sustainably produced raw materials. Our soap noodles have various uses in the production of cosmetics and laundry soaps. They include soap noodles made of animal- and plant-based ingredients, pure vegetable oil soap noodles, or RSPO-certified soap noodles. In addition to processing them in our own facilities, we offer them in quantities from 25 to 1,000 kilograms (“big bags”) for additional processing.

We can also produce speciality soaps like shaving soap base in high quality and package them for further processing by other producers.

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