Two sites, two company names. After the acquisition of the sites in Heitersheim and Riesa by Ad_Astra GmbH in May 2020, it quickly became clear to the new owner that both factories should operate under one company name in future. Since both sites once belonged to the Kappus group of companies, this name, which is associated with a long and proud history of soap production dating back more than 170 years, was the obvious choice. It also became clear relatively soon that a relaunch of the company logo was needed.


The new logo would have to convey two key ideas: tradition and innovation.

After its founding in 1848, KAPPUS not only survived two world wars, it also weathered several global economic crises – and remains proud of its long history to this day. With its two German locations, KAPPUS is still one of the leading producers of bar soaps and syndets on the European market.

With the refounding of KAPPUS in May 2020 and the launch of the new logo, KAPPUS focuses on tradition, innovation and market leadership. So we combined the brand logo with the “SEIFE SEIT 1848” (soap since 1848) claim and the KAPPUS name to form a single logo.

The logo is strong and distinctive, clear and memorable, thanks to the use of the strong and timeless colour black and the chosen typography. It drives home the point that KAPPUS is focused on the essentials – as exemplified by its products, which combine simplicity and complexity.

Soap, though lying so unpretentiously on store shelves, has a huge role to play by protecting us against viruses.

Today that’s more important than ever.


Kerstin Sauer
Marketing & Kommunikation
Beiersdorfstr. 1
79423 Heitersheim